Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hair Extensions

Hair@22 provides clients with an expert hair extension service and operates from on-site facilities. Cheryl – fully qualified- will help you to get the look you want by giving you an extensive and informative consultation. The service is intended to be relaxed and enjoyable for the client the aim is to give a very satisfactory service every time

Prices varies from person to person depending on an individuals hair length, type and style.  This will be discussed at your free consultation with us.

Whilst other technicians may offer services at a lower price, you are stongly advised to be cautious of these.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  ‘Budget’ hair extensions will usually not last as long as our quality, 100% human hair, and will probably cause extensive damage to your natural hair and roots, including bald patches, excessive shedding, matting and tangling.  Your hair is important to you and us.  Please take care when choosing a technician.

We offer the very best in human hair extensions, the different hair types available include Euro, Indian, synthetic, Virgin Russian hair and naturally curly hair, if there is a look you would like to achieve please feel free to bring us your favorite image to guide us!


During the consultation most of the subjects will be discussed with you, but here are a few pointers to remember and to take home with you.
  1.     Extensions do look natural when finished but remember they are harder to blend with very short hair so you will need to style the extensions if they are too short…
  2.     Try not to tie your hair back tightly as this will put unnecessary strain on your hair.
  3.     DO NOT dye the extensions as you will ruin the hair. You can do roots.If you want to dye the whole head we advise to do it in-the-salon!
  4.     Looking after extensions to keep them in top condition is a full time job. If you are not prepared to put the effort in to look after them properly, do not expect them to behave as they should. Regular  brushing is a must.
  5.     Regular maintenance is required, this can be every 6  to 10 weeks.  We do not replace the extension, your extensions should last up to 4 months (but some types of extension hair can be reused).But if they become too lose then you can have our update service.
  6.     Remember that reusing hair means we have to cut some length. This hair can become a bit dry from your own use of iron, dryer etc…
  7.     If you have the top maintenance you can wear extensions indefinitely.
  8.     All extensions will only be guaranteed if used with the recommended product.  If there is a problem we will know if another product has been used and there will be no compensation.
  9.     Please avoid at all cost shampoos for colour hair, this can change the colour of the extensions for blondes will get greenish and for the brunnettes will get lighter!

Using the special brush is a must, any other brush will snag in the extensions.

Try not to get pool water or seawater on the extensions. (Applies to Asian hair). I know this is near impossible but follow these tips to ensure you have no problems. Always wear a hat when sunbathing. Tie your hair back and bring your ponytail around to your front so that you are not lying on it. If you can, apply a sun factor to your hair. 

When swimming keep hair tied back. After swimming untie and spritz with a leave-in conditioner and gently run fingers through or use a wide toothed comb. You can make your own spritzer with a spray bottle of water with some conditioner poured onto it.

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